Simplify the home banking customer acquisition

The problem

In the banking sector, the client onboarding has always been a crucial point of the customer experience: the legal and privacy regulations regarding personal and financial data can make the account activation a long and cumbersome process. Moreover, in the absence of direct contact with the operator, the client’s expectations for a simple and fluid experience are even more stringent.

The onboarding project for BNL aimed to simplify the collection of client’s personal and financial data by adopting the benefits mobile banking and integrating a conversational interface in the first phase of the onboarding.

Open prototype


BNL – Gruppo BNP Paribas (Italy)


  • Benchmark analysis
  • User flow
  • Interactive prototype


Sketch  Invision

Approach & solution

The first step was to analyze the user flow of three competitors mobile banking offers to identify common features and main strengths. All were characterized by the use of native apps to speed up data collection and processing through functionalities such as: digital signature and documents acquisition, data pre-compiling and geolocalisation.
Innovative solutions are also the aggregation of the contractual and privacy conditions in a single screen and their acceptance through the digital signature and touchscreen; the use of video call or selfie for the identity recognition; the account customization and the integration with the client social profile.

The next step was therefore to rethink the user flow by adopting the mobile banking built in functionalities while a conversational interface (chatbot) was created to profile the user during the bank account selection.
This way it was possible to drastically reduce the steps from the initial 60 to just over 30 and to provide a more user-friendly and less intrusive experience.


Key points

  • The use of mobile devices significantly reduces the time required for opening a bank account through digital data acquisition, forms pre-filling and the use of the device’s native functionalities.
  • The quantity and complexity of data requested makes it difficult to use chatbots seamlessly. The most effective strategy is to limit its use to user profiling, the collection of personal data and a step by step guidance in the onboarding process.