Design a minimal viable product

The problem

Consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety and therefore they want to be carefully informed about the quality of consumer products. For the industry, failing to provide correct and complete data on product labels can be very serious, as they violate local market regulations. 

SGS, a leading certification company, wanted to provide product owners and their consultants with a online platform to simplify the collection and interpretation of data present on food labels: my task was to create a UI prototype after analysing the user needs and product requirements.


SGS (Switzerland)


  • User personas
  • User flow
  • Customer journey map
  • Hi-fi wireframes
  • UI prototype


Sketch  Invision

Approach & solution

Product stakeholders gathered during brainstorming sessions to define the user profiles based on data coming from market research and company’s internal surveys. Four user personas were identified:

  • the product owner, whose main need is to find reliable experts and to know the food regulations;
  • the reviewer, interested in providing an efficient service;
  • the marketer, more inclined to seize market opportunities avoiding excessive costs and penalties;
  • the advisor, mainly interested in legal compliance issues.

Starting from these data, the next step was to illustrate the customer journey map of the primary persona – the product owner – identifying the main pain points and opportunities of the user experience, which largely involve the reliability, range and timing of the service offered.


The user’s path was then tracked through a user flow to define the steps and interactions within the system: this document served as a blueprint for the prototype.

After several iterations, a UI prototype was designed using a high definition wireframe. The approved version was then translated into graphical mockups based on the client’s UI guidelines.

Key points

  • Through the dashboard the user has a clear and immediate access to main features and latest reports of the product to be tested and/or by repeating new tests on the same product.
  • Visual aids and previews facilitate the data acquisition and processing and guide the user in a step by step journey.
  • Direct contact with the expert / reviewer provides a more detailed service and helps in the resolution of errors and/or in case of missing or partial data.