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My name is Francesco Manciocchi and I am a UX designer based in Rome. See my profile to know more

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Skills and knowledge

My aim is to create effective and functional interfaces that generate business value and meet the user needs.

Research and analysis

I collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative research data to identify user needs and understand business requirements.

IA and usability

I develop content map and navigation flows to improve the content organization and I perform usability tests and analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of UX.

Design and prototyping

I design graphical interfaces in an iterative approach within cross-functional teams and environments, providing the UI specifications.

  • Mobile App Design//UX Design

    Rethinking the trading online experience

    Within the BNL banking offer, the trading platform has undergone a restyiling work, aimed to removing the obstacles and inefficiencies of UX and providing an optimized user interface.

  • Mobile App Design//UX Design

    Design a minimal viable product

    SGS, a leading certification company, wanted to provide product owners and their consultants with a online platform to simplify the collection and interpretation of data present on food labels: my task was to create a UI prototype after analysing the user needs and product requirements.

  • Mobile App Design//UX Design

    Simplify the home banking customer acquisition

    The onboarding project for BNL aimed to simplify the collection of client’s personal and financial data by adopting the benefits mobile banking and integrating a conversational interface in the first phase of the onboarding.

  • Blog

    The customer experience does not end with a good (or bad) UX

    Designers and product managers should do their best to bridge the gap that separates the user experience (UX) from the customer experience (CX).

  • Blog

    The anatomy of a Magento eCommerce site: a case-study

    From the home page to the checkout page, a step by step analysis in designing a Magento eCommerce site

  • Blog

    7 design lessons I have learned

    From showcasing a digital portfolio to re-defining a e-commerce mobile app, I have been challenged with different design projects. Here is a concise list I what I have learned as designer.

  • Blog

    The user experience and the organic design

    How to reproduce in a digital format the elements found on a natural environment...

  • Blog

    Narrative web: it’s a Web Site Story

    Web users are demanding a narrative experience: a story with as the main characters the website itself and its audience.

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