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My name is Francesco Manciocchi and I am a digital designer from Rome. Feel free to know more about me or

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Skills and

I have more than ten years of experience in the design of web and mobile applications for private clients, advertising agencies and SMEs, in Italy and abroad.

UX/UI design

From the heuristic analysis to prototyping and from wireframing to users testing, my aim is to design the interface where your business and user’s requirements can meet.

Product design

I can help you to define your brand guidelines and to decline your visual communication on digital channels for a seamless and integrated user experience.

Web design

I design and develop web applications for WordPress and Magento using latest design patterns and frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Flexbox).

  • Recent works

    Wearmap | Mobile App

    The project involved the concept and design of a new visual identity (logo, color palette, iconography, typography) and its declination on the digital interfaces (landing page, mobile app and retention marketing campaigns - blog, newsletter, social media).

  • Recent works

    Made in Green | Mobile App

    Concept and design of a mobile app for Android device and Material Design specifications.

  • Recent works

    Craniosacrale.it | Redesign

    Analysis of UI / UX aimed to the redesign and development of the Wordpress site.

  • Recent works

    Lieferheld | Mobile App

    Analysis and redesign of the GUI for theiOS and Windows Mobile applications.

  • Recent works

    Bminimal | Magento Theme

    Analysis, design and development of the user interface for ecommerce sites based on Magento platform.

  • Blog

    The customer experience does not end with a good (or bad) UX

    Designers and product managers should do their best to bridge the gap that separates the user experience (UX) from the customer experience (CX).

  • Blog

    The anatomy of a Magento eCommerce site: a case-study

    From the home page to the checkout page, a step by step analysis in designing a Magento eCommerce site

  • Blog

    7 design lessons I have learned

    From showcasing a digital portfolio to re-defining a e-commerce mobile app, I have been challenged with different design projects. Here is a concise list I what I have learned as designer.

  • Blog

    The user experience and the organic design

    How to reproduce in a digital format the elements found on a natural environment...

  • Blog

    Narrative web: it’s a Web Site Story

    Web users are demanding a narrative experience: a story with as the main characters the website itself and its audience.

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